Searching for the Perfect Bunny Flannel

In late March all of our storytimes are either rabbit or bunny themed, and though our library has well over 250 flannel stories in our file cabinet, everyone was bemoaning the lack of Good Bunny Flannels. And so my crafty little self has volunteered to make a new one, with a directive to avoid the five little whatsit flannels. After scouring the internet high and low, I have found quite a few that I am excited about. I’ll hold off on making one and wait for everyone’s feedback first, but I’m just too excited not to share!

Thrive After Three has a wonderful flannelization of the Rabbit Who Liked to Moo.

Meuse Notes created a flannel based on the Turkish folktale of the Three Little Rabbits (similar to three pigs)

Library Village made a terrible cute version of Too Many Bunnies. I love “grass isn’t greener on the other side” stories!

Roving Fiddlehead has pictures of the most darling Russian folktale alternative The Enormous Carrot.

Loons and Quines‘ flannel Bunny Gets Dressed is adorable and seems wonderfully multi-purpose for many themed storytimes.

And Miss Merry Liberry’s Conejito is cute with a great story and moral AND is multicultural. Win win win!

I am just so amazed and inspired by all of these flannels. Can’t wait to re-make one for our collection and share it with the kiddos!


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